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New Beginnings Christian Fellowship
Jeff became a believer in 1989. Having come from a Jewish background, he had no preconceived notions about Christianity except what he learned from and through his personal study of the Bible and attending Mainstream and Evangelical Churches.  Prior to following God’s quiet yet insistent call into full-time ministry, Jeff led worship at several churches with ever-expanding roles.   Jeff left the corporate Telecom world and returned to school, attending Simpson University, a private Christian college in Redding, CA, where he earned a Liberal Arts Degree with a Music Emphasis and Minor in Biblical Studies.  He worked his way through college as a Worship Pastor and teaching private music lessons as well as music classes at Bishop Quinn High School.  During this time, he also developed and taught sound engineering classes at Simpson University and various churches throughout California.   After college, Jeff accepted a position at a local regional church as Worship & Associate Pastor. There he began to formulate and develop a successful model for reaching and teaching new and seasoned believers.  That model is based upon Jeff’s deep and abiding love for God and His people, and the firm belief in the priesthood of all believers. His ability to help and serve expresses itself in his desire to empower and motivate each member to use the gifts God has given them, as they learn to love, grow and serve!  Jeff’s creative leadership in the private and corporate sectors, his business and highly awarded sales expertise, coupled with his pastoral, church-ministry and musical background provides him the experience and maturity that allows him the vision to lead, teach, and raise solid Christians who love and honor God and each other. Jeff and his wife Alice both believe that each of us is affected by our past in both positive and negative ways, but when  God’s forgiveness is accept,  we are washed clean of the negative; of all those mistakes and wrong choices we made and are restored! Their vision is for NBCF is to be a safe haven for those seeking a healthy and growing relationship with God, with themselves, and with others. Alice and Jeff have three grown boys and one grandson. The oldest, Adam, his wife Becky and their son Maxwell live in Napa, Ca. The two youngest, Noah and Jeremy live in Los Angeles. Jeff loves to spend time with his wife, is most definitely a cat person, and loves to laugh and tease his friends. He continues to play music at every opportunity and enjoys being on the worship team.
Pastor Jeff Needleman:
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